December Events

Upcoming December Events

Due to Covid-19, in-person attendance is limited to 15 devotees only. If you wish to participate in this, please contact the temple and confirm your attendance (and the number of people from your household who will be present). We also request devotees to leave quickly after the darshan to allow others to come in and take their blessings.

December 25 – Vaikunta Ekadasi/Mukkota Ekadasi/Geeta Jayanti

10:30am – Ganesh Puja / Ekadasi puja

11:00am – Vaikunta Dwara Maha Vishnu darsanam

                12:00noon – Madhyana Aarti

                12:30pm Lighting diya’s in the form of Shanka chakra Nama.

                7:00pm Dhoop aarti

                8:30pm ShejAarti

Temple’s  Anniversary on Datta Jayanti – 3 Day celebration (Dec 27 to Dec 29)

Special Alankaram of Baba and Anagha Mata with Loonies and Toonies, please contribute towards this, you may bring your coins (loonies and toonies) to the mandir by the 25th.

December 27

10:00am – Ganesh Puja and Mandir Anniversary Sankalpam puja

10:30am – Baba Abhishekam for the Utsav Moorti and Paduka Abhishekam

                12:00noon – Madhyana Aarti

                4:40pm Anagha Datta Kalyanam

                7:00pm Dhoop aarti

                7:30pm Dhana Lakshmi Kuber puja

                8:30pm ShejAarti

December 28

10:30am – Mandapa Puja and Anagha Dattatreya Abhishekam for the Utsav Moorti

                12:00noon – Madhyana Aarti

                7:00pm Dhoop aarti

                7:30pm Anagha-Dattatreya Vratam

                Followed by ShejAarti

December 29 – Datta Jayanti and Annapoorna Jayanti

10:00am – Mandpa puja 

10:30am – Baba Abhishekam  

                12:00noon – Madhyana Aarti

Followed by Datta Bhiksha

                                                Followed by Ganapati and Guru Homam & Poornahuti

                5:00pm – Satyanaryana Vratam

                7:00pm Dhoop aarti

                7:30pm Dattatreya Palki Yatra

Sri Dattatreya Pallaki Seva : Every day at Ganagapur, Pallaki Seva (Palanquin of the Lord Datta) of the Lord Datta takes place around 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, The Palanquin Circumambulates the Temple along with Chanting, Singing, and Bhajans, hymns in praise of the Lord Datta and the Devotees performing this seva have an opportunity of sitting in front of the Deity of Shri Datta (Utsav Murti which will be kept in Pallaki) exquisitely decorated with Flowers. Devotees performing the seva take a position of Saashtanga pranama. Pallaki will move on top of them. Devotees feel that all doshas and graha peeda will be cured and ill health will be cured by doing this seva. After the 3 rounds (With Bhajans) around the Sanctum the Utsav Murti is placed inside. Devotees can offer Bhiksha in the form of monetary donations during seva. We will perform this in AnaghaDatta temple. Join us in this once a year tradition.

Deeparadhana – Lighting diyas

8:30pm ShejAarti

December 31 2020

5:00pm – Baba Abhishek

7:00pm – Dhoop aarti

8:30pm – Shejaarti

12:00Midnight Aarti 

January 1, 2021

                10:30am – Baba Abhishek

                12:00noon Madhyana Aarti

Special Flower Alankar for Jan 1st – please bring flowers to the mandir by the 31st December.

7:00pm – Dhoop Aarti

  • Special Aarti with various aarti thali.

8:30pm – Shej Aarti.

Please donate generously to support the mandir operating costs.