November Events

November 3 Kadwa Chauth
6:30pm – Ladies are welcome to  complete the vrat puja
November 12 DhanaTrayodasi – DhanTeras
7:30pm – Lakshmi puja
November 13 Naraka Chaturdasi
7:30pm – Devi puja
November 14 Deepavali – Diwali –  Mataji Diwali special alankar with glass bangles (kanch ki choodiya) –
10:30am – Baba Abhishek and puja
12:00noon – Madhyan Aaarti
6:00pm – Mahalakshmi puja (Diwali pradosh puja)
7:00pm – Dhoop Aarti
7:30pm – Lighting Diyas on Baba’s stage
8:00pm – Diwali sparklers celebrations Followed by Shej Aarti  

Diwali sponsorship Baba Alankar- $351.00
Mataji Alankar – $1001.00  

Please donate $21 and 2 dozen (or more) bangles.
Please bring the bangles to the temple before November 12, and provide your Gotra Nama to panditji towards your sankalp for theDiwali puja.  

If you wish to sponsor flowers etc please call Mrs. Lalitha -403-922- 4299
November 15 Gujrati New year.
10:30am – Baba Abhishek and puja
12:00noon – Madhyan Aaarti
6:00pm – Mahalakshmi puja  
7:00pm – Dhoop Aarti
8:30pm – Shej aarti  
November 16 Swamy Ayyappa Mandala Puja begins
November 18 NagulaChavithi  –
10:30am – 12:00pm Devotees can offer Milk to Nagdevata
November 19 Skanda Shasti
10:30am –Subramanya/Murugan/ Karthik – Abhishekam and puja 7:30pm – Skanda shasti puja followed by Shej aarti
November 26 7:30pm – Tulsi Vivah
November 29 Kartik poornima
Sponsor Baba Shaw – $351.00
Sponsor Mataji Alankar – $401.00
Sponsor for the Karthik Poornima puja program – $1116.00  

10:30am – Baba Abhishek
12:00noon – Madhyana Aarti
5:00pm – Satyanaryan puja
7:00pm – Dhoop Aarti
7:30pm – MahaLingarchana – Kailasaprakara deepa darshanam(Lighting of 1000 diyas)  

PLEASE book your time slot for lighting the 365 wick in one diya. Limited slots available – please donate $21.00.  Diya will be provided by the temple, please do not bring your own diya or oil 

Please sign up by clicking above to reserve your slot to light the Karthik deepam, the diya with 365 wicks. Temple will provide a diya with the 365 wick. Please do not bring your diya or oil/ghee to the temple. You are requested to limit your time in the temple. Please donate $21 towards the Diya, please provide your Gotra nama at signup so the priest can conduct the prayer in your name in the morning.

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, we are limiting the number of slots. Please arrive on time. Please NO cooked food for prasadam. Devotees may bring fruits.

Upon entering the temple, please record your name and phone number in the book and sanitize your hands. Please wear a mask.