September Events

September 2nd 2019 – Ganesh Chathurthi Puja

Join us with family to celebrate the Ganesh Chathruthi and perform the Ganesh Chathurthi Vrat puja, guided by our priest Sri Rajkumar ji.

10:00 am: Ganapathy  Mandap Stapana and Ganapathy Chathurthi Vrat Katha
11:30 am: Ganapathy Homam
12:00noon – Madhyana Aarti

7:00pm Dhoop Aarti
7:30pm Ganaptahy Vrat katha
9:00pm Shej aarti

September 2 – September 6 Daily Ganesh puja 7:30pm. – Pray to the remover of obstacles at the specially setup altar Ganesh Mandap.

On September 7th we will take the Ganesha on a Procession thru downtown Calgary starting at 10am along the 8th Ave sw, from Olympic plaza to the Shaw Millennium park

September 13– 7:30pm – Poornima – Satyanarayana Vrat

September 29 – October 7 – Join us in the Grand celebrations of the Dussera Navratri.