Vaikunta Ekadasi and Datta Jayanti

December 18 2018 – Vaikunta Ekadasi / Geeta Jayanti

10:30am  Vaikunta Dwara Sri Vishnu Darshanam & Suprabhatam

11:00am Sudarshan homam

12:00noon Madhyana aarti

7:00pm Dhoop Aarti

7:30pm SriLaxminarayana Pooja followed by

Shankha, Chakra Namam Deepaalankaram 

8:30pm Mantrapusham followed by Shej Aarti


              Sri Anagha Datta Baba temple 5th Anniversary program for Sri Guru Datta Jayanti


December 21

10:00am Ganapathi pooja 

10.30am Ganesha, Navagraha and Baba homam/Havan

1:30pm Angha devi Abhishkam and Alankaram

7:30pm Shirdi Sai baba vratam

9:00pm Aarti 


December 22 – Datta Jayanti

10:00am Sri Guru prarthana Purnima puja

10:30am Baba abhishekam 

12:00 Noon Madhyana aarti followed by Datta Bhiksha

5:00pm Sri Satyanarana varth 

7:00pm Aarti 

7:30pm Sri Meru Abhishekam and Sri Lalithasaraharnama

8:30pm – Special program – Guru Pallaki yatra followed by Aarti

Sri Dattatreya  Pallaki Seva :  Every day at Ganagapur, Pallaki Seva (Palanquin of the Lord Datta) of the Lord Datta takes place around 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, The Palanquin  Circumambulates the Temple along with Chanting, Singing, and Bhajans, hymns in praise of the Lord Datta and the Devotees performing this seva have an opportunity of sitting in front of the Deity of Shri Datta (Utsav Murti which will be kept in Pallaki) exquisitely decorated  with Flowers. Devotees  performing  the seva  take a position of Saashtanga pranama. Pallaki will move on top of them. Devotees feel that all doshas and graha peeda will be cured and ill health will be cured by doing this seva. After the 3 rounds (With Bhajans) around the Sanctum the Utsav Murti is placed inside. Devotees can offer Bhiksha in the form of monetary donations during seva. We will perform this in AnaghaDatta temple. Join us in this once a year tradition.


December 23

10.30am SriGuru and Baba  abhishek

12:00noon Madhyana Aarti

12:30pm Sri Dattatreya Angahadevi kalaynam

5:00pm Anagha Vratam

7:00pm Dhoop Aarti

8:30pm Aarthi