January 13/14/15 – MakarSankranti celebrations

Tuesday, January 13 – Bhogi / Lohri

7:00pm  – Dhoop aarti

7:25pm – Ganesh Puja followed by Bhogi Pallu.

Bhogi is celebrated by showering blessing on young children under age 7,  Panditji will be blessing the children by doing Asirvachanam., Those who are interested to celebrate Bhogi may please come to the temple with your children by 7:25pm.  Please bring berries  such as Ber, Cranberrys , flower petals etc, for Bhogipalluu.

As Bhogi falls on a Tuesday this year, Those who wish to offer  a Vada Mala for Hanumanji on Bhogi, on your children’s name, please bring the vadamala with a count of either 21/54/108  vadas. Please email us back if you would like to offer the Vadamala.

8:30pm – Shej Aarti.


Wednesday, January 14 – Makar Sankranti / Pongal / Uttarayan

7:00pm – Dhoop Aarti

7:30pm – Shirdi Sai Vrat and Anagha Lakshmi Puja  and Archana with your Gotranama.

8:30pm – Shej Aarti


Thursday, January 15 –  Kanuma

7:00pm – Dhoop Aarti & PallakiSeva

7:30pm – Baba Abhishek

8:30pm – Shej Aarti